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Personalised, creative glass splashbacks

Functional, stylish, easy to maintain and long-lasting: glass splashbacks are one of the easiest and most effective ways of adding an effective dash of personality to your home. Hand-crafted from high quality toughened safety glass, we create designer glass splashbacks to suit both the décor and dimensions of your home or workspace.


Easy to clean, easy to personalise, and easy to love: glass splashbacks are fast becoming New Zealand’s most popular wet-area wall covering! Here at Specialty Glass we use only the highest quality specialty glass, paints and finishes, with every step from design through to cutting and finishing being managed right here in our workshop. You can be sure your new splashback is made to the most exacting standards with our professional team.


Glass bathroom splashbacks for unique effect

Fast overtaking tiles as the product of choice for bathroom surrounds, glass bathroom splashbacks offer more flexibility in bathroom design than ever before. From simple coloured sink splashbacks to full-wall high-impact shower and bath splashbacks, the options are endless!


Floor-to ceiling graphic images, photographs or artwork will transform your bathroom into a unique escape, while stylish patterns in place of tiles can instantly draw the eye. Add colour that will never fade, chip or scratch, and if you’re sick of scrubbing mould or discolouration from tile grouting, then you’ll particularly enjoy the easy-wipe surface. 


Custom glass splashbacks

Every splashback we create is unique, and your imagination is the only boundary to options. Do you have a favourite piece of artwork? Perhaps a photograph that takes your breath away? We can customise your splashback in any way imaginable – start dreaming today!


Speak to us about adding value and longevity to your splashback with protective splashback coatings; and visit us instore for design inspiration.


Functional, stylish, easy to maintain and long-lasting.

Glass splashbacks are fast becoming New Zealand’s most popular wet-area wall covering!


Glass kitchen splashbacks: high impact kitchen designs

The kitchen is often the room we spend most of our time in – and it’s also the room most frequently renovated. Updating your kitchen décor brings life and light back into your home, and one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to achieve an immediate transformation is through adding a custom kitchen splashback. Ideal for all kitchen environments, glass kitchen splashbacks offer hygienic and seamless protection with an easy wipe-off surface and endless possibilities for personalisation! Visit our showroom and workshop to see a range of splashback concepts, including back-textured glass for a unique 3D effect, brought to life with a metallic paint finish; patterned glass featuring clever stencil overlays and graphic glass splashbacks which feature back-applied artwork or photographic imagery.   

The best part?
Glass kitchen splashbacks are simple to remove and replace, so should your tastes or needs change – or if you’re simply in the mood for a new look – it’s simply a matter of replacing the graphic imagery or colour.