glass solutions for your office or retail unit


Glass partitions can be almost invisible or make a statement and define a space.  They are effective noise barriers without compromising the flow of natural light, creating the feeling of space and openness.


Our partitions can be customised with patterned, shaped, tinted, frosted or textured finishes or even your company branding.  They can be framed with a wide variety of finishes, or powder coated to fit in with existing colour schemes.



Framed or frameless glass doors let in the flow of light whilst still providing a degree of privacy.  As with glass petitions they can also make a statement and define a space.  We can supply and fit them with a variety of fixings, such as hinged, pivot, sliding or automatic.



Windows are extremely important for shop fronts, showrooms, or car dealerships and is the ideal solution for showcasing your brand and products. It ensures the maximum amount of light and gives customers an unobstructed view of your products or services and can invite them in.  High-quality functional glazing is therefore an important element in modern sales promotion offering significant added value when interacting with potential customers. An attractive shop front design is the calling card of any retail business.


We can fit new, or repair broken shop front windows.


Glass display cabinets are an attractive and safe way of showcasing your products.  If your store stocks valuable or delicate merchandise, glass display cabinets are a fantastic and effective way of making a feature of them.  Glass cabinets come in all different sizes and suit every type of retailer, from small second-hand junk shops to department stores.  We build custom made glass display cabinets which can also be etched or have your own branding or logo on it.



Mirrors are a common feature of all optometrists, hairdressers, clothing stores and shoe stores.  We can craft and install mirrors of all shapes and sizes.


Insurance For Glass Repair

Replacement or repairs of glass shop fronts, partitions, doors, cabinets and mirrors is often covered by your insurance provider.