Balustrades & Fencing


Our range of innovative glass balustrade designs include both framed and frameless options for internal and external stairs, landings, balconies, pool fencing and wind breaks to suit your personal taste and style.


Glass balustrades for decks, pools, balconies and landings

Glass balustrades are a popular choice for internal and external spaces.  Our range includes both framed and frameless options for stairways, landings, mezzanine floors, wall petitions balconies and swimming pool fencing. Adding light and flow to your home or office whilst providing safety without obstructing your view or losing space.


Internal Balustrades

Internal balustrades are often chosen for their crisp, clear lines, enhancing a home’s natural light and space, avoiding the blocking-off of space and promoting and enhancing the internal flow of your living areas.   We use high-grade tempered glass to construct our balustrading, alongside high-quality fixing components to ensure longevity and style.  Balustrade railings can be top-mounted, side-mounted, or can be a feature of the frame. We have a range of options available for viewing, and as our team have many years of experience, we are happy to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each option.


External Balustrades

Many properties benefit from stunning views – both coastal and rural. Traditional deck fencing can easily compromise your property’s outlook, creating a barrier between your home and the view around you. With glass balustrading, your home and your surroundings flow easily into each other; expanding on your existing space and inviting light and warmth into your decked area or swimming pool surround, meeting safety requirements and all regulatory considerations.  


When designing external balustrades for stairs, decks and balconies, it’s important to consider a number of factors. We would typically look at the geographical location of your home; as this plays a large part in what grade of fixings are needed to secure the balustrade. Coastal properties require a higher grade of stainless steel components to resist the corrosive effects of the high salinity present in coastal air. We would also consider height and viewing requirements, and the placement of any safety gates. Our first priority is safety – however your use of the area is also paramount.




Pool Fencing

The minimum standards for safely surrounding your swimming pool are important to understand; with council regulations and NZ safety standards all playing an important role. All of our pool fencing is constructed to these standards. Our secure gating and latching is also compliant with all regulations.


We specialise in creating hand-crafted glass panel pool fencing, designed to complement and enhance your pool area without restricting your views. As all of our glass is cut and finished onsite in our workshop, we are able to create bespoke fencing to suit all swimming pool sizes and adjacent leisure areas. Keep your sun deck sunny all day long with glass pool fencing.